Plan is very simple it is to make homes for physically and mentally handicapped, homeless humanity which includes homeless children and old age people who cannot take care for themselves and have no relatives or means to do so.

Layout of the plan

The ashram (home for needy people) will be a community in which people will live who can't take care themselves. However everybody has some talents and these will be developed as much as possible
The help will not only be of food and shelter, but also development  in every direction, physical, mental, practical, cultural and spiritual.
Therefore we will give them all facilities so they will be part of  community more.



The initial housing plan is for 8 premises, each building containing 18 rooms in all for about 90 people.
In each house, people with different age and handicaps will live, so they can live like a family in a way and they are also able to support each other to some extend.


Health is wealth

A healthy mind in a healthy body
Healthcare is both, curing as well as giving education how to live in a healthy way..  Hygiene, food, (physio)therapies, yoga or sports / exercise are all ways to improve health.

The building will be light, airy and spacey, so Prana (life force) will flow good.



Initially, two arts and crafts centres are being planned. (and as many more as needed)
They are 5 angle shaped, simple and open, closing with shutters.

They are meant for education and manufacturing both.



Because spiritual development of everybody is the goal, the temple holds a central position.
All religions are present, but at the same time they are one, because God is One.
This is expressed in the design.

The different petals stand for different religions and God is the core. The entrances of the petals are in the centre, so people feel more close, meet each other and mingle more easily.