About Us

One may think we are human beings instead we all are spiritual beings who have come to the planet earth to have human experiences. We all are spiritual beings and coming on the planet earth to have human experiences and not human beings having spiritual experiences. Everybody is on their karmic journey (the journey of their mental and physical actions) and this journey is the worldly experiences.
Everybody on the planet earth wants to be happy so are they , they need love and compassion from each other to become happy.
When someone is in suffering, one is not conscious of transformation because all his mental and physical energy is consumed to survive. This transformation is a process like changing a coal to a diamond which takes a long time. This means to have happiness one must complete a long journey. Happiness is not something which you can buy at the store. Instead one must activate the Divine Energy, which is the spiritual energy or lifeforce. As a consequence happiness will starts to flow which creates Seva(selfless service). This means that one will start serving others. When merging Seva with meditation it will create enlightenment. As an example everyone is like a river flowing slow or fast,clean or dirty take short time or long time going with stillness or with excitements
when merges in the ocean and finally becomes one. All of this is a part of Gods plan who is blessing us to do so. Everybody has his own Karmic journey (Karma = mental and physical actions) whatever we sow , that we will harvest one day. Like if we put chillies in the ground, we will get chillies, not apples. It means thought and action will bring the result. If we spread love, love will grow in everybody and peace and harmony will be on this planet earth. God blesses everybody.
Keeping all these things in mind, some people are homeless some are physically and mentally handicapped They need our love and help so the love which is inside them can flow and the innate powers can be opened. It is only possible when they have a home to live in and enough food to eat. Then their spiritual journey will grow. This is the final destiny for everybody : to become one with universal soul.
Feeling the suffering of the humanity thus, 4ho organisation has been planned. It is a collective work for all of us Every baby which is born, doesn't matter where: Africa, China, America or any other country is born with complete love, harmony and peace.. Unforeseen circumstances can make someone handicapped(physical, mentally or both) or homeless. Those are the people who need healing. This is most important Seva (helping without interest), for the wellbeing of the whole humanity. Love will make everybody grow,. And at the same time it will create positive Karma for the helpers. Their negative Karma will be burnt away and grow spiritually where the grace and bliss is flowing all the time.